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The problem, simply stated, is this:

“Thousands of Chinese Christians want to follow God’s calling to serve in missions,
but they desperately need solid Bible teaching to build up their faith.”

You see, every year hundreds of thousands of people are becoming Christians in China and thousands of new churches are springing up in towns and villages. These new believers want to draw closer to God. They want to serve Him.
Lady China 2013One Christian sister wrote to us:
“When I became a believer, I felt very hungry and started to look for Christian books everywhere. But it was impossible to find any books that could help me to understand the Bible. I attended different Bible study groups, but I still felt that they did not answer many questions I had in my heart.
Then one day I met someone who introduced me to Derek Prince’s teaching and I started reading the Self-Study Bible Course. This was such a blessing to me!”

Why should we care for the situation of these believers who live thousands of miles away?
We care because God has called us to teach the untaught—whether new or mature Christians across China—to encourage them to draw closer to God using insights from Derek’s solid Bible teaching. And I hope that you care too because, as a friend and supporter of DPM, you have been blessed and encouraged by Derek’s teaching and you want to see more Christians blessed by it.
What’s more, you and I care because the Bible tells us to encourage believers to grow spiritually (Colossians 3:16), and we can do this by using your generous gifts to put more of Derek’s life-changing teaching into the hands of Chinese Christians.
So, will you please accept my invitation to make a special gift of £15 or more to DPM’s China Outreach today?
Our plan is to print and distribute 100,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course because this book is considered by hundreds of Chinese pastors to be an excellent resource to ground new Christians and mission workers in the Word of God.
Your participation in this project is the path to action. Your generous gift of £15, £30, £60 or whatever you can share will ensure that thousands of Chinese Christians can use the Self-Study Bible Course to draw closer to God and to prepare themselves for outreach and service.
Together, we can—and we must—take stronger and bolder action to enable Chinese Christians to grow spiritually. This is a critical time of great challenges and some amazing opportunities.
Give China 2013So please consider sending your most generous contribution today.
Thank you for partnering with us in reaching the unreached and teaching the untaught.
Yours in Christ’s service,
 Ross China 2013
Ross Paterson
Director, DPM–China Outreach