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The China team has worked hard with the U.S. office on the Derek Prince Chinese app. There has been good progress, and the prospects for its use in China are exciting. Although China has blocked Apple’s books and other channels, the App Store is still...

Today you can do something about one of the most critical problems facing Christians in China.
Give life-changing Bible teaching to a Chinese Christian today!

China Appeal 2014
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Give China 2014
Lin Yue Hua is just one of thousands of Chinese Christians who is seeking to grow as a disciple of Jesus by digging deeper into God’s word. But, he needs you and us to provide him with life-changing materials to help him unlock the truths of the Bible.
Over the years I have often shared with you about the discipleship challenges facing Chinese Christians like Lin Yue Hua and asked for your help. And I am truly grateful for your partnership through your gifts and prayers.
Today I am hoping I can count on your support again for a generous gift of £15, £30 or whatever you can share to help us resource Chinese Christians with Derek Prince’s Bible teaching.
Right now we want to seize an urgent opportunity to supply thousands of Chinese Christians with Derek’s teaching CDs and DVDs. We have more than 100 teaching DVDs we want to make available. A Chinese partner will compile the teaching, format it and create new DVD masters for free. Also, several volunteers are ready to arrange distribution of the newly made DVDs to Bible schools and local churches.
CHI0414 DownloadWhat we urgently need is your help to produce the CDs and DVDs  - 
please give today!
Your gift of £15 can go a long way towards equipping 30 or more pastors and missionaries with biblical tools for unlocking the truths of God’s Word.
Our DPM China Outreach relies on the generous support of ministry partners like you who know and love Derek’s teaching. So, I hope you will respond to my invitation to renew your partnership with us.
I am thankful that together we can reach the unreached and teach the untaught across China!
CHI0414 Ross

Ross Paterson
Director, DPM–China Outreach