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Dear Friend,

Just a few weeks ago one of our DPM outreach workers went to Alin’s home, where he met several Iraqi Christians who had become born-again believers in Erbil. Alin and others fled Iraq a few months ago just hours before IS forces captured their city.

How Derek’s teaching is blessing refugees.

photo2This is what our worker said: “I looked across the room and I saw such pain in the faces of these brothers and sisters who have suffered so much. Some of them came from Turkey, others from Syria, Iran or Iraq.

They were at the meeting because the Lord had impacted each of them in a significant way. And they were hungry—really hungry—to know more about God. Some of them had doubts and questions, and others needed physical or emotional healing. But all of them were open to let God work in their lives.

Alin asked me to speak. So I shared with them some of Derek’s teaching on prayer and how to ask God for strength in times of trials.

It was so remarkable to see God using Derek’s teaching in Erbil—touching lives so deeply.”

Our DPM worker blessed the believers at Alin’s home by giving them copies of the Self-Study Bible Course and Exchange at the Cross in Arabic.

Will you please remember these Christians in Erbil in your prayers?

Also will you please send a generous gift of £10 or more today?

You see, in the midst of untold suffering, God is doing some amazing things through our workers in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and elsewhere in this region.

We are doing all we can. But the growing demand for Derek’s teaching is far greater than our ability to respond right now.

give3That’s why we need your help.

Our plan is to print over 10,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course, Exchange at the Cross and thousands of copies of other books in Arabic and Sorani.

Also we want to distribute thousands of Secure Digital (SD) cards loaded with Derek’s teaching. These cards are loved by believers in Iraq, Iran and elsewhere where there is severe persecution going on.

Will you give £10, £20 or whatever you can share to put Derek’s teaching into the hands of more Christians in the Middle East?

Please give today.

One thing you can be sure of is that your gift and your prayers will be a real blessing to Christians like Alin who have suffered so much.

May God bless you in everything you do.

Yours in Christ,

Neil Cornick
Middle East Director