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Malaysia - Religious freedom for all faiths is constitutionally guaranteed despite changes that threaten this.


Malaysia Overview

Since the office was formed in 2002, we have sold over 14,300 books and distributed over 28,000 free of charge to Pastors and Christian leaders all over Malaysia. Our purpose is to assist these leaders in achieving a better insight into the Word of God through Derek’s practical and simple teaching. We are very encouraged to see some visible fruit from this book distribution.

Along with free books, CDs and Teaching Letters in the Bahasa Indonesia language are being sent to rural areas and we are having a good response from these direct mailings with encouraging testimonies received. So far we have distributed over 32,000 CDs containing Derek’s teaching in the Bahasa Indonesia language.

We also have a real desire to reach out to prisoners in this nation and we are distributing free copies of our Proclamation Cards and one book per prisoner, such as Extravagant Love and Complete Salvation.

Our Proclamation Cards remain popular and Divine Exchange is often used during communion. They are also used as evangelistic and language tools.

We regularly provide Derek’s teaching in English to churches and conferences, with many people clamouring to purchase Derek’s books and CDs. More and more churches are now opening their doors for us to set up book tables.

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Capital City Kuala Lumpur
Largest City Kuala Lumpur
Main Language(s) Malay (160 total languages)
Population 27,483,000
Primary Religion Islam (58%)
% Evangelicals 4.10%
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached 57 out of 183 (31.10%)
Area of Country 300,434 (km sq)