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There are currently over 300 Bible schools in Indonesia. Pray that many will accept DPM’s invitation to receive Derek’s Indonesian books as part of their curriculum. Pray that many Bible colleges would apply to receive books in the Graduate Gift Pack pr

Many thanks for all who prayed recently for the Indonesian elections


Indonesia Overview

Indonesia is the largest Muslim nation in the world with a population of 242 million, and it is the desire of our hearts to see God’s transforming Word go out to as many people as possible to bring understanding about eternal life, and also to bring more revelation and maturity to the Body of Christ.

40 of Derek’s book have now been translated and published in the Indonesian language, with over 192,000 copies printed. We have now translated 140 of Derek’s radio messages from Keys to Successful Living into Indonesian. The programme is broadcast on 22 radio stations in 18 major cities across Indonesia, potentially reaching 23 million people. The English version of the programme has been broadcast for around 16 years. Derek’s radio programme is also being placed on audio devices for sending out.

We also hold conferences and seminars for Pastors, Elders and missionaries where we use Derek’s teaching to teach and encourage those in leadership. Derek’s books are freely distributed which have been a real blessing to those attending.

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Capital City Jakarta
Largest City Jakarta
Main Language(s) Indonesian (709 total languages)
Population 224,551,000
Primary Religion Islam (80.3%)
% Evangelicals 4.00%
Persecution Ranking (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached 200 out of 784 (25.50%)
Area of Country 1,919,317 (km sq)