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Nepal - Nepal enjoys a window od opportunity with the new governement and new constitution,

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Nepal Overview

Derek Prince Ministries has ongoing outreach activity in Nepal.

In 1997, DPM Director Ps. Gopaljee began translating, printing and distributing Derek’s books in Nepali. Since then, thousands of Pastors and leaders all across Nepal have received free copies of 59 of Derek’s books and regularly use his teaching in their church services.

In total, over 400,000 of Derek’s books in Nepali have been either given away or sold at nominal prices to many Nepali believers who now live and work in Nepal, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Korea.

The name Derek Prince is now known by every Christian in Nepal and his life-changing books have become spiritual manuals for many believers. Along with our office in Kathmandu, we have two distribution centres in Nepal, namely Itahari (South East Nepal) and Pokhara (West Nepal) and Derek’s books are freely distributed and sold from these centres.

There are 60 Bible Colleges in the Kathmandu Valley and each year graduates receive a gift pack of Derek’s books for their future ministry. Gopaljee also conducts short-term Bible training schools ranging from one to five months, along with conferences and seminars for Pastors and Christian leaders where Derek’s books are freely given to attendees to further equip them with God’s Word.

DPM Nepal, c/o The Lord’s Assembly, P.O. Box 1083, Kathmandu, NEPAL

T: +977 410 6070 or +8771 410 6086
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Capital City Kathmandu
Largest City Kathmandu
Main Language(s) Nepali (61 total languages)
Population 29,205,000
Primary Religion Hinduism (80.5%)
% Evangelicals 0.00%
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached 355 out of 380 (93.40%)
Area of Country 147,181 (km sq)