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Norway Overview

DPM UK Norway was started as an outreach office in September 2002. The first printed material was 3,000 copies of “Self Study Bible Course”. Gradually we translated and printed more books, and in 2003 we also started texting DVD’s in Norwegian.

In the next three years we produced 10 books, 2 Bible courses, 12 DVD’s, 12 Proclamation cards and the DVD biography of Derek’s life and ministry.

Towards the end of 2005 DPM Norway was re-organised and became a proper “Teaching Foundation”.

In January 2008, DPM Norway became a National DPM Office. The office started sending out three Outreach letters per year to raise funds to help in spreading Derek's teaching and materials to mission fields around the globe.

Since then, the office has been growing steadily, year by year. As at the end of 2012 we have produced 31 books, 2 Bible courses, 36 DVD’s, 25 Proclamation cards and 20 audio CD’s.

DPM Norway has also helped in establishing DPM Denmark. This outreach office was formed in 2009 and has now printed six of the major Derek Prince titles.

During all those years, DPM Norway has  been working on establishing good relationships with two TV-stations, Bible schools and many pastors and evangelists. A main goal has also
been to supply books and DVD’s to other ministries and people  that regularly go into Norwegian prisons to share the word of God and the good news of Jesus.

DPM Norway, P. O. Box 129, Loddefjord, 5881 Bergen, NORWAY

T: +47-928-39-855
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Capital City Oslo
Largest City Oslo
Main Language(s) Norwegian (48 total languages)
Population 5,033,675
Primary Religion Christianity (90.6)
% Evangelicals 8.50%
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached 12 out of 53 (22.60%)
Area of Country 323,878 (km sq)