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Algeria - Persecution of Christians is intensifying as a reaction to unprecedented church growth;

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Algeria Overview

Christianity came to North Africa in the Roman era. Its influence declined during the chaotic period of the Vandal invasions but was strengthened in the succeeding Byzantine period, only to disappear gradually after the Arab invasions of the 7th century Christianity is the fastest growing religion in Algeria. North Africa is primarily Muslim: Islam is the state religion of Algeria. While the practice and expression of other faiths is guaranteed by law, the same legal framework tends to restrict them insofar as overt proselytizing is concerned.

In the early 1980s, the Lord started moving among the Kabyles in a new way. An Arabic Christian shared the Gospel with some young Kabyles on a football team. They accepted Jesus and in turn reached out to their people. Others saw dreams and visions. Small house churches began in the mountains. All this took place secretly for fear of persecution from the Muslim population. The churches grew in size and eventually became visible. It is now well known that many Kabyles are Christians. A few years ago the Algerian government even published figures indicating the presence of at least 7,000 Kabyle Christians.

Derek Prince Ministries have made inroads into this country by outreach programmes.  We are looking out for Churches and other Christian organizations in this country that are willing to distribute DPM material.
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Capital City Algiers
Largest City Algiers
Main Language(s) Arabic (official), French (lingua franca), Berber dialects
Population 36,467,000
Primary Religion Islam (97.29%)
% Evangelicals 0.20%
Persecution Ranking 22
People Groups Unreached 36 out of 42 (85.71%)
Area of Country 2,381,741 (km sq)