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Iraq - Iraq's future remains uncertain. Saddam Hussein's dictatorship was removed, but a host of problems still plague the country. Pray for the establishment of a national government, healing after decades of suffering and the elimination of corruption.


Iraq Overview

Christianity was brought to Iraq in the first century by the Apostles Thomas and Addai (Thaddaeus) and his pupils Aggagi and Mari. Thomas and Thaddeus belonged to the twelve Apostles. Iraq's Assyrian Christian communities are among the oldest in the world. The indigenous Assyrians adopted Christianity in the first century AD and Assyria became the centre of Rite Christianity from the 1st century AD until the Middle Ages. In the early centuries after the Islamic conquest, Christian scholars and doctors played an influential role in Iraq; however, from the late 13th century until the early 16th century, Christians suffered persecution and some massacres.                          
After the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, violence against Christians rose, with reports of abduction, torture, bombings, and killings. Some Christians were pressured to convert to Islam under threat of death or expulsion, and women were ordered to wear Islamic dress.
An estimated 400,000 Christians (of nearly 1million prior to the invasion) have left Iraq since 2003 and sought asylum in the US, Europe and other neighboring countries because of the persecution and violence they face in Iraq.
The Church in Iraq have overcome tremendous persecution to remain strong in the faith and in some way have seen a renewed faith in the Lord and now have a spiritual hunger that DPM can play a part. 
DPM have established contact with a Christian organization that is actively supporting the Church and providing aid in all forms to wider community in Iraq. Your contribution to our Ministry will pay a part in the ongoing support we provide for the Church in Iraq.

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Capital City Baghdad
Largest City Baghdad
Main Language(s) Arabic, Kurdish, Turkoman
Population 33,430,000
Primary Religion Islam (95.91%)
% Evangelicals 0.30%
Persecution Ranking 8
People Groups Unreached 23 out of 35 (65.71%)
Area of Country 438,317 (km sq)