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A number of new believers in Iraq have access to Derek’s material locally. Pray that his books will be wisely used by many who are coming to the Lord.
Syria - Syria's role in the Middle East has been a troubled one in recent decades.


Syria Overview

It was on the road to Damascus, capital of today’s Syria, that Saul was stopped short in his mission to destroy the early Church. The risen Christ asked him “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” (Acts 9:4). It was in Damascus that Saul regained his sight again after being struck blind and it was here that he was filled with the Holy Spirit, was baptized and began his ministry as an apostle.

The Muslim majority in Syria is unusual amongst Arab nations in the degree of respect and warmth they extend towards the Christian population (10%). In the Armenian Genocide of 1915, Syria welcomed hundreds of thousands of Christians fleeing from the murderous policies of the Turkish government. Today Syria is accommodating hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christian refugees, as well as other refugees from the chaos of Iraq. There is freedom of worship, albeit under close surveillance by the Baathist government. Church buildings can be freely established and are then provided with free electricity, like mosques.

Although Islam is no longer the state religion, there are elements of Shari‘a in personal status law and inheritance that apply to some Christian denominations. It is illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity (but conversion in the opposite direction is allowed). Although there are no reports of this law being enforced, converts from Islam to Christianity are in danger from family and community.

Christians, who are perceived as supporters of besieged President Bashar al-Assad, having been well treated by his regime, have become increasingly vulnerable as the opposition campaign has intensified. 

Derek Prince Ministries have made inroads into this country by outreach programmes.  We are looking out for Churches and other Christian organizations in this country that are willing to distribute DPM material.Please contact us if you require any further information or you can click here to connect to the DPM Arabic web site. 

Our regional representative will be able to respond to any enquiries you may have. 

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Capital City Damascus
Largest City Aleppo
Main Language(s) Arabic (33 total languages)
Population 22,430,000
Primary Religion Islam (90.00%) Christians (10% comprising various denominations)
% Evangelicals 2.10%
Persecution Ranking 38
People Groups Unreached 15 out of 33 (45.45%)
Area of Country 185,180 (km sq)