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Lebanon - Lebanon's tragic history over the past 70 years,


Lebanon Overview

Before the Christian faith reached the territory of Lebanon, Jesus had traveled to its southern parts near Tyre where the scripture tells us that he cured a possessed Canaanite child. Christianity in Lebanon is almost as old as Christian faith itself, early reports relate the possibility that Saint Peter himself was the one who evangelized the Phoenicians whom he affiliated to the ancient patriarchate of Antioch. Paul also preached in Lebanon, he had lingered with the early Christians in Tyre and Sidon. Even though Christianity was introduced to Lebanon after the first century AD, its spread was very slow, particularly in the mountainous areas where paganism was still unyielding.
Lebanon is the only Middle Eastern country where Christians were once dominant and retain considerable political power. The country fought a civil war from 1975-1989 largely along religious lines, and relations between the patchwork of Lebanon's religious communities remain delicate. The constitution dictates that the president is always Christian, the prime minister Sunni Muslim, and the parliamentary speaker Shia Muslim.
The largest Church is the Maronite Church, which traces its origins to a 4th Century Syrian hermit, St Maron. The Church united with the Catholic Church in 1736, although it retains its own traditions and practices. The Greek Orthodox Church is also strong in Lebanon, and there is a wide range of other denominations. Most religious groups operate freely. Though a minority, there are a number of Christian Evangelical Churches that operate in the country.
Derek Prince Ministries have made inroads into this country by outreach programmes.  We are looking out for Churches and other Christian organizations in this country that are willing to distribute DPM material.
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Capital City Beirut
Largest City Beirut
Main Language(s) Arabic, French, English, Armenian
Population 4,268,000
Primary Religion Islam (58.96%), 39% Christians (comprising various denominations)
% Evangelicals 0.60%
Persecution Ranking Not ranked 
People Groups Unreached 7 out of 23 (30.34%)
Area of Country 10,230 (km sq)