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Swaziland - HIV/AIDS has devistated the country, the life expectancy has dropped to age 32


Swaziland Overview

Derek Prince Ministries has ongoing outreach activity in Swaziland. We supply a bookshop in Swaziland with material. We have also sent a limited quantity of material there, as postage is very high. We are broadcasting daily on a station in Swaziland.

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Capital City Mbabane
Largest City Manzini
Main Language(s) siSwati, English (8 total languages)
Population 1,199,000
Primary Religion Christianity (84.68%)
% Evangelicals 23.70%
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached 1 out of 12 (8.33%)
Area of Country 449,964 (km sq)