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Pray for a good government and peace in this country. Also pray for the Students at the University, who study the Foundation Series.





South Sudan overview

South Sudan exists as a nation only since July 2011, when it gained independence from Sudan. Prior to this independance the region was ravaged by decades of civil war (1983-2005), during which much of its infrastructure was devastated.

When South Sudan separated as a independent Christian nation, many Christians hoped this would end the risk of being subject to sharia law, which North Sudan had previously tried to impose on it.

It turned out differently. A full-scale conflict with ethnic overtones developped, where thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes.

The situation in South Sudan has now stabilized but the country still has to deal with political and etnic issues.

DPM in South Sudan
Inspite of the unstable situation Derek Prince Ministries has ongoing outreach activity in South Sudan. One of our main projects reaches out to students at the University, who can do a course on the Foundation Series.  

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Capital City Juba
Largest City Juba
Main Language(s) English, Arabic
Population 11,562,695
Primary Religion Animists, Christianity
% Evangelicals  
Persecution Ranking Not ranked (1=High, 50=Low - Open Doors UK)
People Groups Unreached  
Area of Country 644,329 (km sq)